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Welcome to UpKeep, Eitan!!

Ryan Chan

A warm welcome to Eitan Weisner who is joining our Customer Success team today as a Customer Success Manager!!

We’re so excited to have Eitan coming in today. Eitan is our newest Customer Success Manager and will work directly with accounts to ensure that they’re finding value for their team from ours. A few things stood out during his interview process that we want to share as we welcome him to the UpKeep family!!!

1 – Your cross-departmental instincts. Because you’ve worked as a BDR in the past before moving to a Customer Success role, you have a unique understanding of how these two departments can best support each other. You’re positioned to help strengthen and further build how CSMs can work closely with Account Executives throughout a customer’s lifecycle.

2 – Your passionate and competitive spirit. We’re so excited by your enthusiasm in speaking about what you do, and we can tell you will bring that same passion to your interactions with our customers. You seem to be competitive, in a good way, and we know that will drive your growth here at UpKeep!

In thinking about Eitan’s arrival, Joe Schmitt, VP of Customer Success, says:

“Welcome, Eitan!! Eitan is joining us as our newest Senior Customer Success Manager. Eitan has been at Mavenlink for four years, starting as a BDR and moving into the world of CS. We were so impressed by the ambition he showed in his career thus far, getting an internal promotion. Eitan, we’re super excited for the next step in your career to be with us and to have you on our team!”

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