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Welcome to UpKeep, Katie!!!

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katie vaudt, upkeep

Welcoming Katie Vaudt to the UpKeep family as a Growth and Operations Marketing Manager!

Katie, welcome to UpKeep!!!! Day 1, and I’m already so impressed with the impact you’re making at UpKeep. I’m so excited for you to pave the way in this new role and want to share a couple of takeaways from our time working together already!

  1. First, we asked you to come into your on-site interview with a presentation on how YOU think you could impact UpKeep. WOW – we expected a lot, but you absolutely blew us away with your ideas and confidence. It was so impressive to hear about your vision for how your past experiences could drive value for our customers. We can’t wait to see this vision come to life!
  2. We had a big list of new projects we’d love for you to take on, and you had somehow read our minds and already completed initial research for all of them?! That kind of go-getter spirit is what makes us so excited to have you on the team, Katie!!

One more time, Katie, welcome to UpKeep – we’re so glad to have you here!!!!

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