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Welcome to UpKeep — Kozue Gukov

Caitlyn Young

Welcoming Kozue Gukov to the UpKeep Family!

We’re so excited to welcome Kozue to the team this week! Kozue is joining us as our Sr. Growth Product Manager, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board! Here is our interview with her!

We’re excited to welcome you to the UpKeep family today, Kozue! Tell us a little about yourself! 

Hello! I’m Kozue (pronounced “ko-zoo-eh”), you can also call me Koz! I was born in Japan and moved to the U.S. when I was 1 years old. I grew up in San Diego and have lived in Riverside, Orange County and now LA (I’ve been all over Southern California!). I went to UC Riverside for undergrad and Pepperdine University for my MBA. I got married on Christmas Eve 2017 and have a 3.5 year old son named Maksim. 

How did you first get into Product?

This is actually my first Product role and couldn’t be more excited! I’ve spent my career in Analytics and Optimization roles, working very closely with and supporting product teams by providing insights into user behaviors online and managing A/B testing programs. I’ve been wanting to make a transition to Product for some time and the pandemic (and resulting furlough from my last job) was the push I needed to pursue my interests / goals! I feel so fortunate to have landed such an amazing opportunity that was beyond any of my expectations!

Why are you excited to join UpKeep?

I’m excited to join UpKeep for many reasons — the company is on an impressive growth trajectory and serves an important and underserved community. The culture and people are also world-class and everyone is smart, talented and passionate about what they do. Not to mention, everyone is so nice! I’m honored to work alongside everyone here to contribute to the company’s success! 

What are your first thoughts about the culture and team so far?

The culture and team here is very special and unique. It’s clear that everyone is happy to be here and excited about the work they are doing. Team members support and encourage each other and have a genuine admiration and respect for one another. I’m also impressed at how the company is able to maintain a great culture despite a remote workforce, enabling employees to still feel connected.

Kozue, you mentioned how you love kitchen appliances! What is your favorite appliance and what are you keeping your eye out for?

My Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer are my top two appliances that I use almost every day! I’m always eyeing the latest Instant Pot and Ninja kitchen appliances! I love my Cuisinart Convection Oven but have been thinking about replacing it with a similar product by Instant Pot…because 7 in 1 functions doesn’t seem to be enough when Instant Pot came out with one that has 11 in 1 functions! It’s ridiculous, I know…I can’t help it!!!

Finally, and most importantly, what would you be if you were a kitchen utensil?

My best attempt at a kitchen utensil would be an apple corer (does that count as a utensil?) because I’m analytical and curious by nature and always try to get to the core / root cause of an issue. 

Welcome, Kozue!

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