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Welcome to UpKeep, Wade!!!

Ryan Chan

Welcoming Wade Kegley to UpKeep as an Account Executive (AE)!!

Wade is joining our team today, coming on as an AE with our sales team! We’re thrilled to have Wade with us, and sat down with him to learn a little more after his first week!

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We’re excited to welcome you to the UpKeep family today, Wade! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Wade Kegley, I live in Thousand Oaks with my wife and two dogs (Burger and Wallace). I love sports, movies, and having a good time with family and friends. 

How did you first get into Sales?

My first job out of college transitioned me from an Associate Producer to Sales based on how well I handled speaking with our clients. 

Why are you excited to join UpKeep?

The product is amazing and the company is very smart. Everything is done with a clear purpose and is well thought out. 

What are your first thoughts about the culture and team so far?

I couldn’t be more excited about it. Throughout the hiring process, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great the culture looks, and it has proved to be true so far. 

We have to know – what is the story behind the 3v3 celebrity basketball tournament you were involved with?

Two of my closest friends and I would often play basketball at 24 hour fitness in Thousand Oaks. Jamie Foxx would often come play late at night with some of his friends. 

He invited us to play with them at Malibu High School a few times, and eventually invited us to play in his Celebrity/NBA 3 on 3 tournament at his house. He has an Under Armour basketball court in his backyard. 

We eventually made it to the finals where we played against former NBA Players Cedric Cebollas and Bryon Russell. It was pretty surreal having Jamie Foxx on the mic pumping us up to the crowd. The highlight of the game was when our point guard had a rebound tip slam dunk. Everyone, including Jamie, went nuts. 

We actually had a chance to win, but Cedric Ceballos was just too big and good and eventually lost. After the game we had NBA players telling us how fun it was watching us. That was pretty cool for 3 guys who love basketball, but never had a chance at the NBA.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, what would you be if you were a kitchen utensil?

A wooden spoon. We are both long and tall. 

Welcome Wade!!

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