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Welcoming Henry to the UpKeep family!

Ryan Chan

Welcome Henry Pray – UpKeep’s newest Product Manager!!

We’re so excited to welcome Henry to the Product and Engineering Team as our Sr. Product Manager. Henry brings a new perspective and way of thinking about problems as we continue to envision how to take UpKeep to the next level. Henry, here are a few more things that we have appreciated since your very first interview:

1 – Your strategic thinking is customer-led. You emphasized your past collaboration with Customer Success teams and desire to incorporate customer feedback into your product priorities. We know you will bring that same mindset to this role!

2 – Your energy and drive! Even during your interviews with our team, we instantly could tell that you bring enthusiasm and passion to your work. We can’t wait to get you ramped up and support you as you take on this role!!!

Welcome Henry!!! We’re so excited for what the future holds!

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