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Welcoming Rebecca to UpKeep!!!

Ryan Chan

Welcoming Rebecca Contreras to the UpKeep family as our Associate Product Manager!!

Our Product Management team doubles – from one to two! Rebecca Contreras joins Henry Pray, Senior Product Manager, to continue to up-level UpKeep across platforms to deliver maximum value to our customers. Rebecca, we’re so happy to have you on the team and can’t wait for you to dig in!

We’re excited to welcome you to the UpKeep family, Rebecca! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life other than 4 years of college in Boston. I love perfect weather and my pets – of which I have five! Two dogs, a guinea pig, a snake, and a bird.

How did you first get into Product?

I sort of stumbled into the product world. I come from a customer service background and at my last company was lucky enough to work my way through a few departments from a customer service role. I started in the product/engineering world as a Quality Assurance Specialist manually testing new app features and made my way from there to project management to product management. Working in product is definitely my favorite role – it’s challenging but rewarding!

Why are you excited to join UpKeep?

I think the work UpKeep is doing is valuable and the product has so much potential to change the industry. UpKeep says it best : “Only 1% of venture capital is funneled towards the deskless workforce, yet 80% of the global workforce is not sitting at a desk.”  It’s exciting to me that the next stage in my product journey to work somewhere that is helping an underserved industry.

What are your first thoughts about the culture and team so far?

I’m amazed by everyone’s deep commitment to the mission of the company – it’s refreshing to see that everyone can recognize the same north star and are so aligned underneath it. Everything from the product to the onboarding/ interview process to the way success is measured is super thoughtful, transparent, and collaborative. Everyone is kind, helpful, and intelligent and there is such an emphasis on everyone’s role being integral to the success of the company no matter what department they are in.

We have to know – what is your favorite board game? Favorite puzzle you’ve ever done?

My current favorite is called King of Tokyo where you play as a monster fighting for control of the city of Tokyo. Games that are equal parts skill/ luck are my favorite since they even the playing field and are easy for anyone to pick up. For puzzles, I love anything with an ocean scene. It’s super relaxing to play a podcast or some music, turn off technology, and stare at various shades of blue – definitely recommend!

And finally, most importantly, what would you be if you were a kitchen utensil?

I would be an airfryer! I like to think about new, innovative, and user-friendly ways to get to a goal. I also make great chicken nuggets.

Welcome, Rebecca!!!

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