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Will maintenance jobs be replaced by machines or AI in the future?

Ryan Chan

Our world has been radically altered in a very short period of time by the invention of the internet and more recently by the internet of things. Consequently, people are raising concerns about how it will affect our collective future and rightly so. Articles are constantly being published that perpetuate the notion that machines and artificial intelligence will replace hard workers. However, the truth is CMMS and AI technologies are still very much in need of human interface and spell an evolution, not a dissolution of our culture. New technologies are evolving the workforce, not replacing it.


CMMS and AI can empower workers

Traditionally, companies have been burdened with a complicated mess of paperwork, underwritten by difficult communication interfaces and the laborious task of scheduling. As companies grow larger and more complex, the task of managing all the moving parts becomes less feasible. That’s where technology can help; empowering workers and increasing efficiency to grow businesses.

Sure, some jobs will become irrelevant with new technologies, but new ones will be created, and existing job duties and operations will transform. Technicians and facility managers are crucial components to the functional operation of a business and mobile CMMS technologies will serve to empower these people, not replace them.

Today, the information companies collect for processing, analytics, and upkeep must have a digital database. Clinging to outdated record keeping systems and communication just means that information needs to be entered twice. And this redundancy not only creates more room for errors, it also makes the job twice as laborious. By eliminating this never-ending paper trail, workers productivity naturally increases, making more room for problem solving, innovation, and transparency across teams.

CMMS solutions, in particular mobile ones, will undoubtedly change the way technicians and facility managers handle their daily cadences. By eliminating the need for route record keeping and redundant data entry, mobile CMMS solutions means workers can communicate easily from the field and make more room in their day to get the job done.


An evolving labor landscape

Just as jobs are still being outsourced to other markets with a lower cost of living, companies will naturally invest in technology solutions to make their output more economically lean and efficient. The question becomes—do you shy away and hold fast to the past or recognize the need for an evolution in thought and prepare for a post-labor economy?

Companies looking for a competitive advantage foster an environment that allows innovation and technology to continually drive the transformation of their business. Effectively using integrated CMMS technology and AI is part of this evolution and will ultimately begin to create more jobs that rely on a different set of skills. New technologies are going to open up a completely new type of facility manager and technician, one who is more focused on utilizing technology and data to drive results and important decisions.



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