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Y Combinator Winter 2017 Demo Day Results

Ryan Chan

Earlier this week on we participated in the Y Combinator Winter 2017 Demo Day. On March 20th, 2017 Y Combinator hosted it’s 24th Demo Day at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum. Our CEO, Ryan Chan, was among the group of founders presenting at this year’s event.  We stood out in our approach to the CMMS / EAM and the industry took notice.

Recent Highlights

Our Top Picks

The emergent themes within the group were that of International entries, AI, Self-driving assistance and hardware specific start-ups. Among these we identified our top pics that stood out for one reason or another (perhaps we just found them to be cool).

Cowlar – Health Tracking Hardware for Cows

Cowlar offers a Smart non-invasive neck collars monitor temperature, activity & behavior of each individual cow. Their actionable recommendations help significantly improve income on dairy farms.(1) Even though the age of the Fitbit has had its run (for humans of course). We find this idea to be truly awesome. With their key focus on dairy farms, they’re working toward making our milk supply even more delicious and nutritious, keep it up!

Courtesy of Tech Crunch:

Trade – Reducing Middlemen in Africa’s commodity exchange

Trade wants to kick the middlemen out of the exchange of commodities in Africa. Today, those middlemen take between 50 percent to 70 percent out of the sales of goods there.(2) They are just starting with Maize right now but plan on moving to other commodities soon. You don’t see much agricultural aid in the tech sphere so this was a happy find!

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems – Creating a “Plug-in” standard for human bionics

CBAS wants to be the USB port for the human body.(3) They are working to make the most advanced bionic technology available, affordable and effective for every person. As human bionics emerges as a large area of research, this seems to be one of the most advanced companies out of this year’s batch. Adding accessibility to the accessibility industry, nice!

Image attribution:

Boxouse – Tiny Rental Homes

Inspired by portable, modular shipping containers and fed up with paying rising rents in San Francisco for non ideal housing we set out to redefine the landscape in which we lived and rethink housing for modern aspirations. Working with the “tiny house” trend they’re turning simple construction units into a rental property. Small scale investment for you to be able to rent or even purchase for your own use, we definitely need these in SF / LA areas!

Upkeep Maintenance Management – Maintenance software for small to medium businesses

Hey this is us! Okay, so we might be a bit biased here, but we do think we’re pretty awesome so give us a read:
Upkeep is designed to keep technicians happy by creating easier solutions including simple bar-code scanning applications, task management, and inventory management accessible through a mobile device. Why does this matter? Founder Ryan Chan says it’s a huge pain to have several steps written on paper by several people throughout the process, leaving lots of room for possible mistakes. However, Upkeep works by snapping a picture and taking notes as technicians are out in the field, eliminating the need to write it down several times. It is cash-flow positive and has over 300 paying customers, 95% of which came in organically. The company now has over $405,000 in ARR and is growing 20% month-over-month.

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