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The success story of

with UpKeep

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Industry: Commercial Property
  • UpKeep Admin: Ashley

The Caruso team, starting with The Grove, sought UpKeep as their innovative solution for managing work orders on the go.

Caruso is one of the highest grossing shopping and entertainment centers in the United States. Caruso properties have consistently won awards for design and development and are commonly regarded as one of the top luxury malls in the world.

Fulfilling requests is a breeze with UpKeep

Currently, UpKeep is deployed at the main headquarters for Caruso at The Grove. The Grove is a 575,000 square-foot outdoor marketplace located in Los Angeles' Fiarfax District. The Grove features a large center park with an animated fountain which plays every hour.

With so many different tenants, Caruso not only faced a high volume of traffic, but also a high volume of maintenance requests from the concierge, parking, office assistants, and more. Their main role is to provide the highest quality of service to their customers and maintain a facility in pristine condition.

So, how exactly is Caruso benefitting from UpKeep?

Previously, all maintenance requests relied on phone call, paper, and email communication to submit requests. Requests were falling through the cracks with no central system for storage.

With the implementation of UpKeep, however, Caruso was able to thrive from the ability to manage requests from all vendors through request portals with the unlimited number of requesters. They particularly took advantage of the ability to easily update requesters on the status of their tickets.

A match made in heaven

With UpKeep, building tenants were given a centralized place to submit their work requests to the engineering team at Caruso. They could also easily track the status of their jobs and schedule a time for a technician to come in.

The operations and parking teams were able to create work orders and assign them to the appropriate employees for different events happening at The Grove.

Creating preventative maintenance work orders and inspections became a breeze for the housekeeping staff.

Additionally, whenever a visitor at The Grove brought up a maintenance related issue, the concierge team was able to easily view the status of that ticket or create a new maintenance request, all from a mobile device.

What did Caruso love most about UpKeep?

The entire Caruso team loved UpKeep's mobile application and how user friendly it was.

To make their lives easier for those that didn't have mobile devices, they set up UpKeep kiosks in different departments so that their team can see all requests assigned to them.

Seeing the priority of each work order was crucial to responding to and completing work in a timely matter, which they were easily able to do with UpKeep's real-time notifications.

Caruso quickly found that UpKeep's mobile solution to manage work orders was a hit at all of their properties.

With UpKeep's implementation at The Grove, the Caruso team was finally able to have a central place for all requests to go to. Ashley and her team loved the fact that they could easily delegate work orders to the correct team, whether that was to operations, engineering, or Housekeeping, all from a mobile device.

No matter how busy you are or how hard it may seem, managing your work orders could not be simper with UpKeep. Caruso is proof of this!

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