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  • Location: Monroe, NC
  • Industry: Equipment
  • UpKeep Admin: Niel

Erosion Control Services specializes in controlling the natural environment to prevent property loss for both wildlife and civilians. The team particularly focuses on Fencing, Seeding, Matting, and drain protection all while taking on other projects in areas around North Carolina.

Being out on the field can be gruesome without the right management tool

Erosion Control came to Upkeep looking for a solution that would increase both technician output and manage their large fleet of trucks and inventory of assets. Looking for a platform where they could access and input data in the field, they needed a mobile solution to keep track of everything.

With a team of 10, everyone utilizes the mobile application to access information about equipment, check the status of projects, and communicate with each other – all while out in the field. They’re able to pull a wealth of information from just a barcode scanner to access files and see the history of work orders.

So, how exactly did Erosion Control Services benefit from UpKeep?

Before UpKeep, information needed to be traded over the phone. Calls were made back and forth – if the team needed to check the status of a job or simply figure out what they needed to do for the day, at least one phone call was always made.

Utilizing a mobile CMMS wasn’t just about being cloud based for Erosion Control Services. It was about simplicity. The team was able to add UpKeep’s user friendly platform to cut down overall time spent to get the job done. This meant that data input was quick, especially as UpKeep’s real time status updates reduced number of phone calls and emails made. This also meant that valuable reports were able to be created.

Lastly, Erosion Control Services works closely with UpKeep. The team here at UpKeep listens. The is malleable and interested in growing with customers. Large or small – Erosion Control Services had the pleasure of having their questions and feedback answered to personally. We hope to continue to grow and help those like Erosion Control Services optimize their workflow with UpKeep.

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