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  • Location: Hendersonville, NC
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • UpKeep Admin: Phillip Suggs

The maintenance team at Kanuga sought a solution to their paper-handling mess, with added speed and efficiency. This is where UpKeep came into play...

Established in 1928, Kanuga is a conference, retreat and camp center with lodging facilities for up to 440 guests. Serving 25,000 guests annually, it’s in their best interest to maintain the beauty of the historic environment for the guests. We spoke with Phillip, the lead technician for maintenance, to see how exactly UpKeep’s handy mobile CMMS came as a solution after years of paper handling.

Phillip sought for a system which promoted "speed and efficiency"

A team member from the IT department, Jason, recommended Phillip to consider replacing the Kanuga team’s paper ticket system with UpKeep.

Phillip struggled with accountability when it came to paper tickets, an issue when you’re overlooking 40 cabins and 7 guest houses. There was the risk before of having misunderstandings as requests for repairs could take from hours to days.

“UpKeep saves you time, travel and a lot of headache”

The implementation process started with Phillip trying out UpKeep himself, finding that it “worked very well” and suited the Kanuga team’s needs. The team found the first transition to be rocky at first due to the different levels of experience with computers, but very soon became big fans of the immediacy and convenience of the application, describing it as user-friendly.

Phillip found that the “price and flexibility [of UpKeep] was attractive”, but seemed to like the speed of the application more. Overlooking different cabins, each of which look different, can be a bit confusing when translating on paper. However, with UpKeep, Phillip found that the messaging and photo capturing features allowed time to be saved.

For instance, pictures allowed for easy identification of the whereabout of an issue in a unique cabin room. Similarly, the messaging features allow for quick and easy communication. The updates feature of a work order allows for commentary, with the status options (“open”, “on hold”, “in progress” and “closed”) making it easy to track productivity.

So, how exactly are Kanuga benefitting from UpKeep?

In the previous paper system, a request would ‘hopefully’ be seen at the of the day, whereas with UpKeep, Phillip found that requests were seen and tended to immediately while out and about.

A great example he gave was that if a technician was in Cabin 6 tending to something and saw another work order for Cabin 8, they could immediately go from Job A to Job B. Whereas previously, the technician would most likely have to have gone to the front desk to find out, taking up unnecessary time and effort.

As Phillip is the lead technician in Kanuga, he needs to stay on guard at all times. With UpKeep, he can monitor everything online from the convenience of just his phone from anywhere!

The maintenance call at Kanuga is open 24/7 for emergencies like flooding, but apart from that, all other preventative and reactive maintenance is done through UpKeep.

The housekeeping team utilizes a laptop on every floor; other team members utilize their mobile phones, using both Android and iOS devices. The convenience has saved time and effort - which team wouldn’t want that?

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