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The success story of

with UpKeep

  • Location: London, UK
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • UpKeep Admin: Colin Butcher

Led by Colin, the team at LHA London share how UpKeep transformed their workflow for the better.

Created in 1940 to give shelter to the homeless during The Blitz, LHA London is now a charity catering to young students and new London residents. Providing affordable accommodation in 13 large hostels for nearly 2000 people, their aim is to create a home away from home. We spoke to Colin, the Facility Coordinator at LHA, to see how the maintenance team ensures everything is in tip-top condition across the city.

UpKeep feels just right

Colin found UpKeep through researching for a simple maintenance management solution which emphasised mobile solutions. He downloaded 4 systems from the app store, finding UpKeep to be the best and easiest to use. “Not one to read instructions”, Colin found the application very straightforward, occasionally contacting Ryan and the support team for questions.

A match made in heaven

Colin Utilizes UpKeep mainly for work orders and PPM’s. Creating Preventative Maintenance schedules within UpKeep is absolutely core and critical to UpKeep; we hope to see a transition for teams to go from reactive maintenance to preventative, or even better, predictive maintenance. Colin especially applied this to track performance, create jobs, and many other things.

He put his 13 locations on the application, gave managers their logins, and started from thereon. Simple and straightforward, his maintenance staff haven’t complained once, contrasting the responses he got from the previous long-winded process. Colin is constantly learning more about UpKeep, looking to use it to its full capacity even a year later.

Managers like using it because it’s a one-page click and send sort of thing

So, how exactly are LHA London benefitting from UpKeep?

Recommending it highly to similar UK sites, Colin is a highly impressed user of UpKeep who finds that the system works easily and is “getting better” by the day. He is especially a fan of UpKeep’s new dashboard feature which allows him to pull out any relevant reports. The dashboard allows you to see statistics and graphs from any dates wanted, as it’s “all laid out for you”.

Additionally, the team loves using the messaging feature. Previously, six text messages were sent to convey one work order, whereas with UpKeep, the messaging system is described as making “life much easier”. The increased quality of communication allows for a seamless and organized work environment, creating a positive long-term effect on the way the team works.

Previously, the team at LHA London used another CMMS system which did not bode well with them – a job required 10+ clicks whereas with UpKeep, everything is a tap away. As the facility coordinator, Colin overlooks 13 buildings and managers. Managers have reported the experience of inputting information on UpKeep to be simple and quick, expressing unanimous happiness with the transition.

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