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The success story of

with UpKeep

  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • UpKeep Admin: Ron Pembleton

“You do not call the maintenance department, you write the maintenance department” has been the motto for Cincinnati Marriott Northeast’s maintenance team for over 30 years.

The incorporation of modern technology, however, has changed the game for the team. Marriott International, Inc. is a leading global hotel chain with more than 6,000 properties in 122 countries and territories, one of which is in Cincinatti, Ohio. The 306 room, full service Marriott property – which historically utilized a paper work order file system – went lightyears ahead by using our mobile solution for inventory, assets and guest rooms in Cincinatti, Ohio.

“We’re quickly becoming a very large UpKeep fan”

We spoke with Ron Pembleton, Director of Engineering Operations in Cincinnati Marriott Northeast to see how UpKeep helped their team to expand and increase productivity. The team previously used a paper system for 30 odd years, which Ron found was lacking in essentials such as communication. With the previous paper system, there was the risk of information not flowing quickly, hindering the process of the team.

Not only that, but Ron believed that the risk of paper work orders falling off was not worth sticking to. So, he started researching for a user friendly mobile CMMS, which is when he came across UpKeep. Following our video tutorials available, Ron found that he could quickly involve all members of his team, including free requesters, which he describes as being “a huge advantage”.

No longer can a piece of paper be lost.

The team ranges in terms of responsibilities: there are room, equipment, and commercial technicians, as well as requesters who Ron is responsible for overlooking. He described the transition of moving to UpKeep’s mobile solution as being “as smooth as one heartbeat to another”.

So, what did Ron have to say about the implementation process?

Firstly, he found that communications improved significantly within the hotel – in fact, the “greatest buzz” was about how efficient the workflow process became. No longer did technicians need to track down Ron to inform him about an issue, they just input the request onto the app. The team does a great job of utilizing the updates feature, where the app tracks whether the work order is “open”, “on hold”, “in progress”, or “closed”.

Secondly, taking away the team’s radios and replacing them with smartphones meant that the team were no longer slaves to the radio. They confidently took advantage of the convenient features within UpKeep to ensure reactive maintenance was taken care of, such as photo capturing, which allows users to immediately snap a visual of an issue.

Lastly, Ron found that UpKeep provided him with a “great tool” for preventative maintenance. The ability to seamlessly recur planned maintenance ahead of time created an organized environment, allowing Marriott to focus on giving their guests the best time possible. Ron implemented this feature by creating a simple work order, assigning it to a recurring schedule with the necessary information as well as uploading technical manuals to that asset.

We’re very proud that we’re a part of UpKeep, and UpKeep is a part of us

So, how exactly are Cincinnati Marriott Northeast benefitting from UpKeep?

Previously, Ron found that information could easily get lost when using a paper system. However, now that Ron and the team fully utilized the features within the app, information is on-hand 24/7.

The transition was smooth and easy, a leap worth taking which improved convenience. What can be more convenient than using your own smartphone?

Ron’s favourite aspect of UpKeep is the accountability which is now apparent. Every work order is transparent and the reporting features provides additional information, perfect for any admin overlooking a facility.

The list of new advantages that the team in Mason, Ohio gained are endless! From saving time to improving communications, we are proud to share Ron and the team’s success story.

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