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The success story of

with UpKeep

  • Location: London, UK
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • UpKeep Admin: Mariusz Maziarz

The transition of old-school maintenance log to mobile CMMS could not have been simpler for Mariusz and his team at Qbic Hotels.

Within four months, Qbic Hotels were able to establish and find success instantly, finding it to be a "simple and straightforward" application. Mariusz and his team have successfully implemented UpKeep into their daily maintenance routine, finding that it "significantly improved communications" between them.

Safe to say: Qbic Hotels are much better off now with UpKeep integrated into their workflow.

Mariusz was introduced to UpKeep by a colleague of his, and since then, has made the smooth transition of replacing endless paper with a couple of screen taps. Since March of 2017, the team has used UpKeep for managing everyday hotel duties ranging from housekeeping to maintenance.

The stairway to success, one step at a time...

Qbic Hotel’s utilization of UpKeep can be best described in three different methods.

Firstly, and most importantly, as a hotel with utmost priority of keeping guests happy, Qbic Hotels utilizes the reactive work orders feature of UpKeep on a daily basis. This can be from minor issues that need to be dealt with like broken bulbs and missing lamps to major issues that can potentially be safety hazards.

For Mariusz, “it’s about the eyes that see something being broken” having the power to directly contact the person who can fix it. Through a simple work order, this can be done by simply taking a picture and tagging the appropriate technician.

Secondly, to work efficiently as a team, Qbic Hotels easily organizes their preventative work in UpKeep. By creating recurring work orders, such as scheduling monthly A.C. checks, technicians confidently stay on top of their routine tasks with the help of reminders.

And lastly, but not least, Mariusz operates long-term one-time projects separate to typical work orders; as the hotel manager, his goal is to improve overall customer satisfaction as well as encourage growth and progress within the team.

Implementing UpKeep was really simple, and more importantly, the team using it found it simple as well.

So, how exactly are Qbic Hotels benefitting from UpKeep?

Previously, Mariusz found that it was “almost impossible” to get enough information to build on how much labor he needed. He had no way of quickly and efficiently figuring out how many hours were required (without taking up too much time, effort, and money).

On the other hand, as an admin in UpKeep, Mariusz was able to benefit from exporting work orders to Excel; he established how much work was involved in certain tasks, easily calculating the required labor, time and costs.

The previous maintenance management system not only lacked cost-effectiveness but also meant that the team weren’t able to communicate as efficiently among each other. The maintenance industry can require specific vocabulary to understand certain specific issues, Mariusz found, easily losing translation on paper logs.

However, with UpKeep’s “simple and straightforward” photo-capturing system, technicians found it easier to identify and quickly fix issues without hassle. This is especially as a mobile phone is something every employee now has access to!

Mariusz and his team are a perfect example of how UpKeep can completely transform maintenance management, no matter how big or small the team is, or the level of tech-savvyness.

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