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The success story of

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  • Location: 13 Sites on East Coast US
  • Industry: Waste Management
  • UpKeep Admin: Tom

A Technician-Driven Initiative Prompts Stericycle to Standardize and Modernize their CMMS platform

Stericycle is an international waste management company specializes in collecting and disposing regulated substances, such as medical waste and pharmaceuticals. The company was founded in 1989 and now employs over 24,000 people across 22 different countries, servicing over 1,000,000 customers.

Adoption was a breeze

Lacking a standardized or modern approach to maintenance management, Stericycle suffered from work flow inefficiencies and a lack of transparency into their maintenance activities.

Due to its ease of use, and quick, intuitive, onboarding process, UpKeep was initially adopted by one technician, and then organically spread to 13 facilities. After implementing UpKeep, Stericycle has seen vast improvements in work flow efficiency, preventative maintenance scheduling, and historical reporting.

What were the previous challenges?

Previously, Stericycle did not have a standardized or modern CMMS system encompassing all facilities. Each facility used a different system, or none at all, and preventative maintenance protocols were not consistent.

Technicians, like Tom, were using paper logs, calendars, and excel sheets to track maintenance requests and repairs. Fed up with the current inefficiencies and lack of accountability, Tom went in search of a better, digital, way for him and his team to manage their maintenance tasks. Tom needed a mobile first, cloud-based solution that would simplify his work order flow and help track repairs.

A match made in heaven

After comparing suitable CMMS systems, Tom downloaded UpKeep via the app store. The immediate access to a free trial, along with short but detailed web tutorials allowed Tom to get up in running within a matter of days.

With the full power of a comprehensive CMMS system on his smartphone, Tom began integrating the system into his daily workflow and immediately realized the benefits and improved efficiencies. Tom then spread the word, signing up his co-workers, his boss, and then eventually went straight to his Vice President to recommend a full adoption of UpKeep. Ultimately, Tom recommended UpKeep because of its:

Cloud-based, mobile first solution

Ease of use

On-boarding efficiency

Outstanding customer service

What did Stericyle love most about UpKeep?

More efficient work flow, including repair logs, task assignments, historical analysis, and reporting.

Cost savings by implementing preventative maintenance schedules.

For management, increased maintenance accountability through historical analysis.

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