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The success story of

with UpKeep

  • Location: Colorado, US & Texas, US
  • Industry: Gym & Fitness
  • UpKeep Admin: Rhonda Beard

Juggling different departments couldn’t be easier

Determined to provide members with elite programming and the best athletic facilities, Club Trufit is favoured largely locally in both the Texas and Colorado division. We spoke with Rhonda Beard to learn more about how exactly the different departments utilize UpKeep.

Rhonda sought a simpler solution, and that’s precisely what she got!

With responsibilities ranging from facility management to operations, Rhonda Beard was responsible for introducing UpKeep to her team. Looking to escape from the mundane system of relying on excel sheets on a weekly basis, she sought a simpler solution for managing the work orders of 12 sites.

Upon researching, she found that there were many applications out there that were far too complicated and hard to understand. Seeking to avoid the complexity which would risk the team suffering, she gave UpKeep’s user-friendly platform a chance.

Finding UpKeep difficult to get away from even during the weekend, Rhonda was instantly hooked

Finding UpKeep to be “an easy app”, Rhonda easily figured out after some testing that her team, who varied in computer literacy, would benefit. The Facility Team and Rhonda tested out the work order and request features, before diving deeper into the app with the rest of the team.

Rhonda’s role within UpKeep is as simple as reviewing the requests sent in, and further assigning them to the person responsible for depletion. But we all know that in reality, daily schedules are not that simple! Which is exactly why she runs reports through the web app to check for trends, such as the submitted versus completed dates of work orders, to ensure all tasks are organized.

Keeping track of everything while saving time and money is exactly what Rhonda wanted, and found, while using UpKeep. More than anything, her favourite feature is the ability to view the history and reports of work orders. They can easily be referred back to with files on record with the help of the filtering system, easily improving the credibility and liability within the team.

So, how exactly are trufit benefitting from UpKeep?

With a team of 30, divided between both divisions, Rhonda wanted to ensure that the maintenance solution she sought for was user-friendly. And that’s exactly what she got!

She claimed that people responded to visual updates far better than the previous system of excel sheets, especially as admins, technicians and requesters get to see the work order getting processed in fine detail.

The ‘updates’ section, as well as the ‘status’ feature, allowed for clear communication in between teams, defusing any confusion between both division.

“It’s an easy app - you can really figure it out by yourself”

Rhonda was able to stay more organized, from the help of her team making sure they were updating on UpKeep, and with the Preventative Maintenance Schedule feature. While creating work orders, users are able to recur certain tasks such as painting the entrance’s door every year.

The team at Club Trufit manage their costs by inputting information such as the costs to fix certain issues internally versus how much it would have cost using a vendor. This helps the team get an idea of statistics to analyze and work with, ensuring labour costs are reduced as much as possible!

Something that Rhonda found special with UpKeep was the attentiveness and helpfulness of the Customer Support team, especially Kevin who she worked closely with. Crediting the support with being 95% of the reason the team chose UpKeep, and 5% to the user-friendliness, Rhonda appreciated the training AND the simplicity of the app simultaneously.

We could not be happier to support users like Rhonda, as working together always guarantees a stronger result! Happy UpKeeping.

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