Certarus is the leading North American provider of bulk compressed natural gas. The company compresses gas, trucks it to a customer site, and decompresses the fuel at that location to be usable. Typically replacing more carbon-intensive fuels like propane, diesel and fuel oil, compressed natural gas can help customers reduce carbon emissions by 20% to 30%. When Certarus needed a new way to maintain its fleet of more than 900 trailers and 200 trucks, the company turned to UpKeep’s mobile-first solution.


Ricardo began looking at different applications. He selected UpKeep because it came with the APIs required in order for NatGas to be able to integrate different platforms into one. “The other thing that I was looking for was a mobile-first application,” Ricardo said. “I needed my technicians to be able to pull up their work orders in the field. I think that I was missing about 50% of the work orders back then because they were not getting uploaded. The old CMMS system was only a desktop application that was not friendly to use.


WhiteWater was looking for a way to better track service-related items for approximately 75 small decentralized wastewater treatment facilities, 300 small public water systems and an assortment of water and wastewater pumping stations. “We have our operations group of water and wastewater facilities, our compliance and operations support staff in the office, and a full-service maintenance group with about 13 employees,” said Eric Smith, Project Executive who oversees water, wastewater and maintenance groups at WhiteWater. “We were using a really antiquated system that consisted of Excel spreadsheets, phone calls, and an embarrassing amount of emails. We needed to find a better way to manage it all.”  

Governors Island

Governors Island is a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. It sits only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and it’s even closer to Brooklyn. A little world unto itself, Governors Island is a unique, easily accessible getaway near the Big Apple. When the landscaping crew at Governors Island needed an easy-to-use, mobile tool to organize, track and help manage the everyday tasks required to keep the island looking its best for the public, it turned to UpKeep.

Trinity Products

Trinity Products is a steel pipe manufacturing and fabrication company with two locations in Missouri. Over the past several years, the company expanded from a single maintenance person to a team of six maintenance technicians. During this time, Trinity Products was using essentially a ticket tracking system to manage service calls. However, as the business continued to grow, management wanted to move into preventive maintenance and inventory management as well as boost productivity and customer service. Management knew the company needed a more comprehensive solution.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Founded in 2006, Brew Dr. Kombucha started out as a casual teahouse that served great teas. The company began making kombucha, which became so popular that the business began bottling it. When Brew Dr. Kombucha began its rapid growth, it quickly outgrew its manual methods of handling maintenance tasks and asset management. Within just a few months of implementing UpKeep’s mobile-first application, the company organized its maintenance request process and saved thousands of dollars by managing spare parts more effectively.