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Erosion Control Services Success Story

Erosion Control Services specializes in providing erosion and sediment control services in Monroe, North Carolina. Founded more than a decade ago, the company serves home builders, grading contractors, landscape companies and land developers. Services include silt fence installation, drain protection, erosion control seeding, and synthetic matting.


Nearly all employees of Erosion Control Services are working in the field at customer locations all day. As a result, communicating about projects and managing field equipment often took multiple phone calls just to get started. Data and status updates were not collected in any centralized system. It was easy to drop the ball or lose critical information.


Neil Couch, property manager at Erosion Control Services, wanted a mobile solution that could provide and collect data in the field. UpKeep was just the tool that could help the company manage projects and track its valuable fleet and assets.

Bringing a Team Together

Neil gave UpKeep access to his team of 10 employees. The tool brought everyone together, providing easy access about equipment, status updates on projects, and an efficient way to communicate.

Even though team members were operating in different locations, they could all access a wealth of information and asset history. Technicians could often use a barcode scanner to pull up files and see previous work orders. This provided the information to complete the current job faster and better.

Simplicity Means Efficiency

The bottom line for Neil was implementing a simple solution. UpKeep delivered exactly what the company needed, providing a cloud-based, friendly platform to get the job done. UpKeep allowed the team to easily input data and provided real-time status updates. Both of these features reduced the number of phone calls and emails required. In addition, UpKeep easily facilitated regular report creation, providing the data for analysis and better future decisions.

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