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Jet.com Success Story

Jet was able to save time and money, as well as improve transparency and accountability for the entire maintenance system with UpKeep's mobile app.


The Jet maintenance team relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage weekly work orders. This cumbersome system made it difficult to ensure automation uptime and work effectively with operations. The company needed a simple, user-friendly mobile solution that could be easily understood by a diverse team.


UpKeep’s mobile app was easily understood by the maintenance staff, which had members with varying levels of computer familiarity. Jet was able to save time and money, as well as improve transparency and accountability for the entire maintenance system.

Testing Followed By Implementation

Jonathan Price, Jet.com employee,  worked with a diverse group of technicians, was very concerned with the complexity of his chosen software. During his search, he found many solutions were too complicated for his team, which possessed a wide range of computer abilities.

Although UpKeep looked like a user-friendly app, Jonathan prudently testing the work order and request features first. After a successful trial run, Jet followed with a full implementation.

Positive Response from Multiple Divisions

Multiple divisions and many employees rely on the facility maintenance team to manage various work orders. Once UpKeep was implemented, many department employees responded positively. Jonathan’s primary role became reviewing work orders and assigning them to the appropriate technician. According to Jonathan, employees paid more attention to the visual updates from UpKeep, compared with the spreadsheet reports. Administrative team members, technicians, and requesters could easily watch their work orders move through the system in fine detail. This improved communications and diffused complaints.

Data For Better Business Decisions

As maintenance information was collected and organized, Jonathan was able to implement preventive maintenance tasks for Jet. For example, tasks like painting the entrance door annually were automatically scheduled.

In addition, the historic information gave Jonathan the data he needed to make smarter business decisions. In one instance, he could track how much it cost to fix certain items in-house and compare those numbers with estimates from outside vendors.