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Kanuga Success Story

Established in 1928, Kanuga is a conference, retreat and camp center with lodging facilities for up to 440 guests. The center is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Hendersonville, NC, and serves roughly 25,000 guests each year. The staff must maintain 1,400 acres in a historic area, which includes a 30-acre lake, 20 miles of hiking trails, and full-service meeting and lodging facilities.


Phillip Suggs, lead maintenance technician, was using paper tickets to track maintenance and repair requests for 40 cabins and 7 guest houses. The process was cumbersome, slow, and often resulted in unhappy customers and misunderstandings.


The team at Kanuga implemented UpKeep’s mobile app so that maintenance requests could be quickly entered and picked up by technicians. Using tablets and smartphones, the entire staff at the retreat center can easily see the status of work orders, which increases speed and efficiency in getting them completed.

“UpKeep saves you time, travel and a lot of headache,” said Phillip Suggs, lead maintenance technician and Kanuga.

Amassing Fans Quickly

When Phillip first learned about UpKeep, he appreciated the product’s price, flexibility and speed. Although some of the staff at Kanuga had limited computer experience, they quickly became fans once they realized how user-friendly the application proved to be. The fact that work orders appeared immediately and conveniently on smartphones or strategically located tablets put important information at everyone’s fingertips.

Photo Capture and Messaging Improve Efficiency

One of the challenges at Kanuga revolved around the fact that all the cabins are similar, but somewhat unique at the same time. It was often difficult to explain the required repair using only a paper ticket. Misunderstanding, errors, and lost time often resulted.

With UpKeep, technicians could easily snap a picture to show exactly where the problem was located. In addition, if questions arose during the repair, they could message another team member quickly to find the answer. This eliminated the need to put multiple projects on hold, until problems or questions could be addressed in person.

Visibility of Work Orders Streamlines Communication

When paper tickets were used, maintenance technicians would pick up an order at the front desk and complete the first job. If the day went well, all tickets would be completed within a day or two. With UpKeep, technicians can see all existing work orders on their phone. If technicians are repairing something in Cabin 6 and see that another issue exists next door at Cabin 7, they can go directly to that next task. UpKeep’s mobile app eliminates unnecessary time spent going all the way back to the front desk for another order, increasing worker efficiency and streamlining communication.

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