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LHA London Success Story

Once LHA London switched to UpKeep, it made life much easier. By simply improving communication, the team was able to increase efficiency, streamline work orders, & keep daily tasks organized.


Colin Butcher, operations manager, was struggling with a cumbersome computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It often required nearly a dozen keystrokes and half a dozen messages to communicate a single work order. Colin’s 13 managers that ran each of LHA London’s hostels were frustrated with the existing system. It was simply difficult to use and inefficient.


Colin went in search of a simple, mobile, user-friendly app to replace his existing system and discovered UpKeep.

“I’m not one to read instructions,” Colin admitted. However, he found UpKeep very straightforward and was able to get up and running with minimal help from UpKeep’s customer support team. Today, LHA London effectively uses the work order and preventive maintenance functions of UpKeep.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Adopting UpKeep was a simple process for LHA London. Colin entered his 13 hostels on the app and gave his managers log-in information.

“Managers like using it because it’s a one-page click-and-send sort of thing,” Colin said. Complaints that ran rampant with the previous CMMS have vanished. Instead, the LHA London maintenance team simply enters and completes its work orders quickly and efficiently.

Faster, More Effective Communication

One of the most challenging parts of the old CMMS was the difficulty in communication between team members. It often took upwards of six messages for each work order. This created frustration and inefficiency in the whole process.

Once LHA London switched to UpKeep, Colin said it make “life much easier.” By simply improving communication, the team was able to increase efficiency, streamline work orders, and keep daily tasks organized.

Dashboard Makes Data Analysis Simple

As the operations manager overseeing all 13 hostels, Colin had a great deal of responsibility. He had to balance his need to know what was happening at his hostels without getting lost in the details. He especially appreciates having UpKeep’s dashboard at his fingertips. This feature allows him to run reports within any time period and easily review performance, statistics, and other maintenance data. As a result, Colin can better track performance and make more strategic maintenance decisions.