McDonald's Success Story

UpKeep's mobile app streamlines communication between all the restaurants. You can view which work orders are open, in progress, on hold, and complete in a single view.


David Hadley, the owner of these six Oklahoma McDonald restaurants, needed to increase his equipment uptime and reduce maintenance response time. He also wanted to delegate the responsibility of managing and assigning all maintenance requests to improve efficiency.


UpKeep’s mobile app streamlines communication between all the restaurants. As soon as work orders are entered, they are routed to the correct technician, and often addressed immediately. David now has a birds’ eye view of what’s going on in all his restaurants without dealing with every maintenance detail.

“When equipment goes down, it’s only down for a short time. The shift manager submits a work request with UpKeep, our maintenance team gets a notification, and we’re there to fix the issue in under an hour.”

- David Hadley, McDonald’s franchise owner/operator

UpKeep Fills Software Gap

McDonald’s provides franchisees with some software to improve operations, including point of sale (POS) software and a portal with preventive maintenance procedures. However, David found this wasn’t quite enough for what he wanted in his restaurants.

Since David carries the highest technical certification McDonald’s offers, he had the knowledge to understand exactly what he wanted. He also serves as a technology advocate for McDonald’s Green County cooperative that’s attended by 19 operators who manage 150 restaurants. After David reviewed his options, he chose UpKeep.

Everyone Stays in the Maintenance Loop

UpKeep has no limit on the number of devices or requesters allowed on an account. As a result, all of David’s team members can stay informed. Some shift managers use the UpKeep app on their smartphones, so that they can easily view updates for work requests they submit.

According to David, one particular location uses the UpKeep app on the restaurant’s iPad, as well as the phones of team members. “It’s easy for everyone to be aware about what’s going on for all maintenance-related issues,” David says.

Delegating Maintenance Tasks Increases Efficiency

When David started improving maintenance operations with UpKeep, he was delegating maintenance tasks himself. Realizing this wasn’t scalable, he trained his lead technician on how to use UpKeep to delegate instead. Now, David can keep an eye on the bigger picture rather than being involved in every single maintenance activity.

Since UpKeep was so simple to use, David trained his eight maintenance workers on UpKeep in a single training session. Now, David only needs to communicate with his lead technician on an as-needed basis. He can see everything else through the UpKeep app.

“The first thing I do when I get to the office in the morning is open the UpKeep dashboard,” David explained. In a single view, he can see which work orders are open, in progress, on hold, and complete. He can also see requests that are awaiting approval and parts that are out of stock. If he needs to get involved, he can easily view work order and inventory details.