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Mon Abri & Grace Pointe Success Story

Amy Camarata, project director at Mon Abri, implemented UpKeep's mobile app, allowing her to streamline maintenance requests & better communicate with their tenants.


The management team of these two upscale complexes were relying on a paper-based system for maintenance requests. As a result, the team had trouble tracking what was accomplished, as well as struggled with lost information and requests.


Amy Camarata, project director at Mon Abri, went in search for a better solution to manage both properties. After perusing options at the Apple Store, followed by extensive testing and research, Amy decided on UpKeep. This mobile app has allowed both properties to streamline maintenance requests and better communicate with tenants on work order status.

Better Overall Coordination

Work orders at the complexes often came through the property manager, the maintenance manager, and the leasing manager. Calls from tenants might land on any of these individual’s desks and then go to the proper technician. Often, these work orders would get lost or slip through the cracks. 

With UpKeep, tasks such as changing lightbulbs, clearing driveways in the winter, and hanging new curtains can easily be found in the system. When new maintenance calls come in from tenants on needed repairs, they are immediately entered as well. Work orders are generated and assigned, and tasks are completed.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The “status” feature of UpKeep allows anyone to see where a particular work order is in the process. For instance, if a tenant reports a broken washing machine, a maintenance technician may pick up the initial work order. However, that technician may determine that an appliance specialist must be brought in to repair the unit. The work order can then be forwarded to the specialist for repair.

When the tenant calls to check on a repair, any team member can quickly see the status of the order. By streamlining the process and increasing transparency, all managers and technicians provide better customer service.

Features Extended to Construction Staff

As the complexes continue to grow and expand, Mon Abri is building additional houses to accommodate demand. Amy discovered that UpKeep could improve work order flow related to new construction, as well. She began initiating work orders, such as trimming out carpets, which boosted efficiency of the construction project. That means new units are completed more quickly, increasing the business’ revenue ahead of schedule.