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Neighborhood Storage: UpKeep Sensors Success Story

UpKeep Sensors has aided Neighborhood Storage's promise to provide each customer with quality storage space & friendly, caring storage consultants.

We promise to provide each of our customers with quality storage space & friendly, caring storage consultants. Our goal is to provide you with helpful tips, maps, directions and contact information to each of our 25 storage facilities in the Ocala, Florida area. We strive to make your stay at Neighborhood Storage Center the most comfortable and convenient experience possible!





Overall pleased with the product

Weather has been mild so not a ton of opportunities to test out the notifications

No general issues with the app or installation

Two main pieces of feedback:

Overwhelm from alerts / automatic work orders

Placement / interference of radio signal

Would love to have an indicator (e.g. a light) on the sensor that would show when a sensor is connected to the gateway

Would also like to be able to control the frequency of readings (e.g. 10 minutes, 1 hr, etc.)

Positive feedback on proposed product changes (integration, alerts, onboarding).

Would love to see UpKeep Sensors in the sidebar and accessible from within the core UpKeep application, but the proposed simple integration would be a nice step forward.

Wanted to know about plans to put it in the mobile app (told them that would be down the road).

When creating work orders, would be helpful to have a link to the specific incident in the sensors app.

Would love to associate sensors with assets / locations.

Use sensor serial numbers on asset view