Northside Church Success Story

Northside Church, located in New Albany, Indiana, serves a congregation of more than 5,000 people. It offers weekend religious services as well as programs for children, teenagers, college students, and adults. Northside Church operates several large buildings on its campus in southern Indiana.


Northside Church had been using a combination of a paper-based system and an antiquated software system to manage maintenance tasks. With several disconnected buildings and a staff of 60 team members, this system was simply inefficient and cumbersome. It was difficult for Miles Carmany, IT director at Northside, to stay on top of work orders.


Miles went in search of a solution that had an easy user interface as well as mobile capabilities. UpKeep provided this combination as well as the power behind the interface. As a result, technicians can access the system on their smartphones, and Miles can access real-time data on work orders.

Multiple Applications

Once Northside Church had implemented UpKeep, the team found multiple opportunities to use the tool to make life easier. For example, the information technology department used UpKeep to keep track of assets during a recent office move. In addition, the facility department uses the app to ensure preventive maintenance tasks like plumbing and electrical work are completed.

Clear Accountability

One of Miles’ favorite UpKeep features is the filters option. This feature allows you to see exactly which department is working on what work orders. Miles can easily keep track of the progress of projects and see who is accountable for their completion.

Easier Communications Means More Communication

Previously, numerous phone calls and emails were required to keep the staff on track. The maintenance technicians at Northside found UpKeep easy to use. Since they could use their own smartphones, technicians were more motivated to make updates frequently. This led to better quality of information and greater transparency for the entire organization.

In the end, Northside Church saved money and time by using UpKeep for increased communication flow between staff members.

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