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Rug-Pros Success Story

Since UpKeep’s implementation, Rug-Pros has found it easier to manage preventive maintenance tasks, assign work orders, and review progress.


As a small company, Rug-Pros began managing its work orders by using Excel spreadsheets. Lester printed them out regularly, but this paper-based system could only provide him with minimal information to run his business. He also had no efficient way to communicate and work with his contractors and managers.


Lester discovered UpKeep when he started looking for a better alternative. After a trial period of using the app himself, he quickly realized its potential. Once Lester introduced his team to UpKeep, communication as well as work orders were easily streamlined. UpKeep provided the technology to help Rug-Pros grow as a company.

Excellent Overall Control

Since UpKeep’s implementation, Lester finds it easy to manage preventive maintenance tasks, assign work orders, and review progress. He has a clear window into what his team is doing, any problems that arise, and who is accountable for which tasks. Reports can be run easily, and Lester can generate invoices quickly at the end of a project or time period.

Facilitates Work With Outside Vendors

Lester works with many outside contractors as his business ebbs and flows. As a result, he needed a system that allowed him to share certain information without complete access into his business. Lester appreciates the “requester” option within UpKeep, which allows outside contractors to access needed information and document their work. However, contractors can be blocked from seeing things like parts availability or financial data.

Daily Data Available at Your Fingertips

In the previous system, Lester physically traveled to all his locations at the end of each day. It was his only way to keep his finger on the pulse of his business. He wanted to ensure that work orders were completed and be available for problems or issues. After implementing UpKeep, Lester could eliminate those trips because all the information was available through the app. This resulted in significant savings of time and money, allowing Lester to focus on more strategic aspects of his company.