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TCP San Antonio Success Story

UpKeep has empowered TCP San Antonio to assist in their maintenance process. Now, everyone can be another set of eyes for us.


Before UpKeep, TCP San Antonio managed maintenance tasks through in-person meetings and paper-based communications between Lawrence Marion, facility superintendent, and Matt Flory, general manager.

“For the longest time after I started in my position, I would simply take notes,” Lawrence explained. “If I was in the middle of a job and something came to me, I would have to notate it and then transfer it over for Matt.”

For a while, the paper system worked fine. However, as the company grew, it became more challenging. “If Matt needed to do a quick dive and get some answers, he would have to know where the folder was and then he would have to sift through it just to find what was important to him,” Lawrence said. “There was no ability to hit a search bar and just type in a quick word to get him to where he needed to be.”

In addition, as both Lawrence and Matt got busier, detailed maintenance notes became bullet points, and eventually a simple reassurance that issues were resolved. The company needed to find a better way.


As general manager, Matt began the process of seeking a new solution. He discovered that another branch of the company was using a maintenance software product to manage its work requests, but he didn’t simply adopt its solution out of the gate.

“Matt encourages his staff to creatively find solutions,” Lawrence said. “He empowered me to find a solution that would work best for us. After looking around, I felt that UpKeep provided exactly what we needed. A lot of the other software caters to different avenues in one product, and for us, it didn’t make sense financially to spend money on a larger program when we were only going to use one-third of it.”

QR Codes Empower an “Army” of Maintenance Helpers

One huge selling point for TCP San Antonio was the ability to generate unlimited QR codes for equipment and component tracking. “Being able to create QR codes, laminate them, and stick them wherever I pleased was a big advantage,” Lawrence said. “We have around 150 golf carts, and if someone tells me that one needs to be repaired, I need to know exactly which one. Now, someone can scan a code and key in the problems, and when I open UpKeep, I have all the information right there.”

Matt added that UpKeep has empowered everyone to assist in the maintenance process. “Pre-UpKeep, I may have been driving around the property and someone would tell me that a toilet was broken,” Matt said. “Then, I’d need to remember and find Lawrence. Now, everyone can be another set of eyes for us. Everyone can simply take their phone, scan the QR code and send in a request to Lawrence directly. Ultimately, it gave Lawrence a little army of employees that can help spot areas that need assistance.”

Since TCP San Antonio has been using UpKeep for a little over a year, most employees are aware that the solution exists. “We have QR codes literally all over our property right now,” Lawrence said. “My next goal is to make using it second nature to everyone. If they see a problem, I want them to immediately scan the code and submit a request.”

Better Data Means More Accurate Purchasing

One of the biggest maintenance issues for TCP San Antonio is to keep its golf carts running well. “I can now put everything in UpKeep, including the cost of repairs, the cost of parts, and our labor,” Lawrence said. “I can track every cart and see how much they are costing us and when maintenance might be needed. That allows me to purchase certain parts in bulk, if I know a certain number of carts will be due for a replacement part at a certain time.”

Lawrence also does a fair amount of purchasing himself by simply visiting big-box home improvement stores. “UpKeep helps me know how much product I actually need to last me the next three months,” Lawrence said. “In the past, I’ve actually been at Home Depot trying to remember what kind of lightbulbs I might need, for instance. I usually purchase too many or not enough, but now, I can just open the app and see what I have on deck. It has definitely reduced the number of shopping trips I make. That was huge for me.”

UpKeep Helps Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

UpKeep has helped TCP San Antonio become much more efficient, especially saving time. Since the company worked in tandem with Marriott, the management team had an agreement that Marriott would handle maintenance requests. However, that required a great deal of communication, waiting, and lack of control on the golf course side. Now, UpKeep allows TCP San Antonio to be more responsive independent of Marriott.

TCP San Antonio is using UpKeep to perform some preventative maintenance tasks such as changing out air filters in our restroom areas and midway grill areas as well as managing the pesticide spray schedule. “Since everything is now on a cycle, we’re not spending that extra

money to catch up on lost time,” Lawrence said. “For example, if we miss an air filter change, caked-on dirt can block the air flow, causing them to overwork and burn out motors.” Instead of paying for a new motor, TCP San Antonio can simply pay for an air filter.

In the end, UpKeep is just one part of TCP San Antonio’s overall mission and strategy. “Using UpKeep allows us to maintain our quality values, which is a big part of our company’s mission,” Lawrence said. “It helps us uphold what we need to do as part of that high standard.”