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Basic Account Setup

Getting Started with UpKeep

Congratulations! You’ve Signed up With UpKeep! We’re excited to provide you with a personalized onboarding plan to help get you and your team set-up. Getting Started with UpKeep will walk you through a process of setting up your UpKeep account.


UpKeep Set Up

You’re ready to start setting up your account! We’ve mapped out the stepped needed to have a successful account set-up. Below you will:

  • Step 1: Add People and Teams to your UpKeep account
  • Step 2: Add Locations and Sub Locations
  • Step 3: Add Assets and Equipment
  • Step 4: Add Parts and Inventory

Step 1: Add People and Teams to your UpKeep account

  • Adding Admins: Admin users have full privilege to add others to your group, accept or deny requests, assign and modify work orders, adjust locations, assets and inventory.
  • Adding Technicians: Technical users are the users who are frequently closing out work orders, completing jobs, and are most commonly, the field technician.
  • Adding Requesters: Requesters have the ability to submit work order request through your Request Portal, Email, and the UpKeep mobile app. You can provide Requesters a unique login by adding them to your UpKeep account.
  • Adding Teams: Have departments or teams in your organization? No problem, easily assign a work order to a group or team with UpKeeps team feature.

Not sure what roles are right for your team? Check out UpKeeps different User Roles

Step 2: Add Locations and Sub Locations

  • Adding Locations: UpKeep allows you to sort and organize your assets and inventory by location. Each Location is typically a physical location.
  • Adding Sub locations: Within your main location we give you the options to add sub-locations.

Need to add Locations in bulk? Learn how to mass upload your data with our import feature.

Step 3: Add Assets and Equipment

  • Adding Assets and Equipment: UpKeep is a database to store your assets and equipment information in one centralized location. Store and record:
  • Location Information
  • Images
  • Barcodes
  • Documents
  • Manufacturer and Supplier Information
  • Warranties
  • Work Order History
  • Upcoming Preventive Maintenance Work orders

Need to add Asset/Equipment in bulk? Learn how UpKeep can do all the heavy lifting of your data migration. 

Step 4: Add Parts and Inventory

  • Adding Parts and Inventory: UpKeep makes it easy for teams to manage their parts and inventory. Never run out of a part again. With Upkeep you can:
    • Record Part Information/Location
    • Associate parts to assets or equipment
    • Barcodes
    • Images
    • Set Inventory Levels
    • Set minimum thresholds

Need to add Parts/Inventory in bulk? Learn how UpKeep can do all the heavy lifting of your data migration. 

Getting Started with UpKeep? Join our Account Set-up and Best Practices Webinar here.