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How to Add Files

Beginning with the Professional Plan you have the ability to add Files to your account and can use them as attachments on Work Orders and Assets. The limit for an individual file is 10MB, but there is no limit to the total amount of files that we can have within your Account. Our file types used are PDF, png, jpeg and MP4. We do have the ability to add Files to our Files section, or we can take them directly from our computer.

Adding Files to the Files Section

  1. Access your Files section
  2. Select +File
  3. On Add Files screen Click to Upload Files
  4. Choose the desired files from your desktop​

Adding Files to the Files to a Work Order

  1. Select the Desired Work Order (Or Create a new one)
  2. Select Add Files
  3. Select from the files in your files section or add one from your computer by selecting Upload File