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How to Create Task Item Triggers

Using our Automated Work Flows you can create Task Item Triggers to create Requests or Work Orders based upon your results. This way when your team is working on their Form Items and an item fails or a measurement reaches a certain amount we can automate this process for our team. Currently Automated Work Flows are a part of our Business Plus Plan. If  your team is interested in learning more about our Business Plus plan you can Contact Us.

Create your Automated Work Flow

  • Go to your Settings Section
  • Select Automated Work Flows

  • Select Create New Work Flow
  • Name your Work Flow
  • Select your Work Flow Criteria
    • If Form Item is Updated
      • And then the Name is Equal To, Name Contains,  Value Equal To (Checklist Form Items), Value Contains, Number Value is greater then, Number Value is less then.
      • Then Create Work Order or Create Request

​Here is an example of a finished Work Flow based upon Form Items:

Learn more about Automated Work Flows here