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How to Import Customers

Customers in UpKeep can be used for Invoices or denoting the person for which you are performing your service

  1. Download Custom Import Data Collection Sheet. Click Here
  2. Enter in the below data fields for each Customer
    1. Customer Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Customer Address
    4. Website
    5. Billing Name
    6. Billing Address
    7. Customer Type
    8. Customer Description
    9. Email
    10. Currency Name
    11. Currency Code
    12. Currency Symbol
  3. Save Import Data Collection Sheet
  4. Import CSV in to UpKeep

The maximum amount of Customers on each individual CSV is 200. The total amount of Customers allowed at this time is 1000

Want to learn more? Checkout 14:28 of our Data Importing Webinar.