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How to Update Your Company’s Settings

UpKeep allow you the ability to update settings for your team. Select the Settings Tab within your account.

Common User and Business Wide Settings

  • Language: Select from English, Spanish, Arabic and German
  • Date Format: Choose between MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY on the Work Orders list view
  • Currency: Choose your teams desired currency
  • Business Type: Choose the Business Type for your company to have a familiar naming convention
  • Timezone: Choose the Timezone that you are utilizing the application in

​Work Order Settings

  • Auto-assign Work Orders: Automatically assign new work orders to the person that creates them
  • Auto-assign Requests: Automatically assign work orders to the person who approves the request
  • Disable Closed Work Order Notifications: Notifications will not be send on updates once a Work Order is closed
  • Ask for feedback when Work Order is Closed: Allow users to give feedback on the job done
  • Enable Work Order Updates for Requesters: Users get updates for the Work Orders they have requested
  • Work Order Start Count:Set the number you want your first order to increment from

​Purchase Order Settings (Business Plus)

  • ​Enable Purchase Order Public Request Portal: All non-UpKeep users to submit purchase orders using your URL link