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How to Utilize your Company Request Portal

Beginning with our Professional Plan you will gain access to your Company Request Portal. The Request Portal provides you with a URL that you can distribute to Requesters who are outside your UpKeep team and also the ability to receive requests by email. Requesters will receive updates on the status of those requests as they move from opened, in progress, on hold, and closed.

You can also add your company’s logo to your Request Portal! Click here to learn more!

Request Portal URL

This will give you a URL that you can distribute to team members or clients who are not on your UpKeep team. No login is required for the requester, but an email address is needed to be notified on the status of the work order. Check the last section of this article on how the public request portal might be used for a request.

To find your Work Request Portal URL:

  1. Navigate to the Request Portal section
  2. Select Copy URL​​
  3. If you want to change the URL, click Customize URL
We can also edit the questions on Request Portal! Click here to learn more!

Where to find your Request Portal Email

With the Request Portal, your company will also have an email address that you can distribute to team members/customers outside of your UpKeep team. This email will be notifications+[YourID] The subject line of the email will become the work order title, and the body of the email will become the description.

To find your unique Email Address:

  1. Navigate to the Request Portal tab
  2. Select Copy 
  3. If you wish to change the email address ID select Update Email ID​​

Purchase Order Request

You can access the Purchase Orders Module on our Business Plus and Enterprise Plan. You’ll have the ability to receive Purchase Order Requests from technicians and users outside of your team.

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