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How to Calculate Asset Downtime

With UpKeep, you can track the downtime of your equipment. On our Business Plus Plan we have the ability to change the Status of our Assets between operational and not operation (we can also create custom off-line statuses as well). When the status changes to not operational our system will begin adding that downtime to give you an uptime percentage so your team can evaluate the health of your asset.

How to Change the Asset Status

  1. Go to your Assets/Units/Equipment Section
  2. Select desired Asset
  3. Change Status
  4. If Asset is Not Operational it will appear in Red on the list​​


How to Add in Downtime

  1. Select the Desired Asset
  2. Select the Downtime Tab
  3. Select + Add Down Time
  4. Enter in the Primary User, Operational Status, Downtime Start and Duration
  5. Select Add Downtime

How to View your Downtime Metrics

  1. Select the Desired Asset
  2. Select the Downtime Tab​


This feature is only available in our Business Plus and Enterprise plans.