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How to Create Custom Reporting Dashboards

Business Plus and Enterprise Plan users have the ability to create Custom Dashboards within our reporting section. This allows teams to report on KPIs that are important to their team. Within our Custom Dashboard users can subscribe to receive a weekly report of the Dashboard.

How to Create a Custom Report

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select + Add Custom Report
  3. Name your new Dashboard
  4. Select + Add Module to begin adding Custom Modules

How to Create a Custom Module

  • Module Name: Give the Module a name that you desire
  • Module Type:
    • Work Order Aggregate Counts
      Work Order Cost
      Work Order Time
  • Reactive/Repeating:
    • Choose whether you want to look at Repeating or Reactive Work Orders
  • Group By: How would you like to group the information.
    • User Assigned
    • Asset Assigned
    • Category Assigned
    • Location Assigned
    • Team Assigned
  • Columns Displayed: Select the information you want to appear in the module
    • Name
    • Completed
    • In Progress
    • On Hold
    • Open
    • Past Due
    • Total Hours
    • Additional Cost
    • Unprioritized
    • Low Priority
    • Medium Priority
    • High Priority
    • Average Time to Complete
    • Grouped Cost
    • Grouped Time

How to get an Automated Report

  1. Select the Reporting tab
  2. Select the Desired Custom Dashboard
  3. Select Subscribe 
  4. Designate the Day of the week and time you wish to receive the Report
  5. Select Subscribe

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