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How to Create Meters

With our Meter feature, we can keep track of the usage of our Assets. This way we can track historical usage over time and we also have the ability to use Meters to set-up Work Order Triggers.  In this article we will explain how to create Meter readings.

How to Create a Meter

  1. Select “Meters”
  2. On the Meters  page, click + Meters
  3. Enter in the Meter Information
    1. Meter Name
    2. Unit Measurement (Examples: Miles, PSI, Hours)
    3. Meter reading Frequency (How often you want to make sure to check this meter)
    4. Category (What type of Meter is it)
    5. Add Picture
    6. Assign User
    7. Select Location
    8. Select Equipment/Asset
  4. Select Add Meter

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