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How to Export Meter Reading History

Once you have your meters set up, it’s important to also keep track of these meter readings. To do that, you’ll want to be able to report back on that meter reading history! With UpKeep, you can export your Meter reading results to a PDF file within the desired date range.

This article explains how to export your meter reading history!

Take advantage of the meter work order triggers to maximize your team’s productivity!

How to Export Meter Reading History

  1. Navigate to the Meters section
  2. Select the desired Meter
  3. Then click on the History Tab
  4. Select the Desired Date Range
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Month
    • Last Month
    • Custom Range
  5. Finally, click Export to download a PDF file of the meter reading history!

How to Export the Last Reading for All Meters

  1. ​Go to your Meters page
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dot options
  3. Then, click on Export to download a CSV file of all your meters and their last readings!