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How to Create and Manage Work Orders

This article explains how to create a work order with our mobile/web application.

  • How to Create Work Orders
  • How to Process Work Orders

How to Create Work Orders

  1. On the “Work Orders” page, click  “+ Create Work  Order”
  2. Enter in Work Order Info:
    • Work Order Title
    • Detailed Description
  3. Set a Due Date/Work Scheduled On date
  4. Add a Recurring Schedule 
  5. Enter an Estimated Duration (this is already in hours, so just add a number)
  6. Select Category
  7. Assign Main Worker, Additional Worker or Team (defaults to the user creating the work order)
  8. Select Location
  9. Select Asset 
  10. Add tasks or a checklist or any files that might be helpful in completing the work order.
  11. Finally, click Submit!

If your assets are already assigned to a location, you can just select the asset, the location will automatically be assigned to the work order as well!

On Web:​


You can also create Work Orders through your Asset. Click into the Asset section, select the Asset, then selecting the Work Orders tab. You will then see a + Work Order button.

On Mobile:

Don’t forget to add a photo to your work order, which can be especially powerful in highlighting where an issue may be!

How to Process your Work Orders

  1. On the Work Orders page, click on the desired work order
  2. Evaluate:
    • Work Order Description
    • Location
    • Equipment
    • Parts and Tools needed to complete the job
  3. Move work order status to “In Progress” or start the timer. 
  4. Complete Tasks/Checklist (if applicable)
  5. Choose the Part(s) and Quantity Used
  6. Enter Time and Cost if you’d like to manually input that
  7. Include Updates or messages in “Update Section” 
    • Web App: Select Updates
    • Mobile App: Swipe Right or tap Updates
  8. Once the work order is completed, update the status to “Complete”

On Web:

​​On Mobile:​

Video Tutorial

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