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How to Use the Calendar View

If you’re looking to plan you’re looking for a Monthly, Weekly or Daily look at your teams Maintenance go over to our Scheduler! With UpKeep’s Scheduler you can plan your teams time in order to boost efficiency. Change the due date or work order time by dragging and dropping. We can also capture and track the estimated time of our Work Orders.

Create a New Work Order

  1. Select +Create Work Order 
  2. Enter Title
  3. Enter Description
  4. Enter Due Date/Work Scheduled On
  5. Set a recurring schedule (optional)
  6. Enter Estimated Duration
  7. Set Priority
  8. Select Worker Assigned
  9. Select Add Work Order

Edit a Work Order

  1. Select Desired Work Order
  2. Select Edit
  3. Make Desired Changes
  4. Select Update Work Order

Drag and Drop Work Orders

With Scheduler you can simply Drag and Drop your Work Orders. Simply select the Work Order you desire then drop it to the new date!​

Weekly and Daily View

With our Business Plus Plan you have access to the Weekly and Daily View. This way you can take full control in organizing your teams work flow.

Weekly View: 

Daily View:

Is your team is interested in the Business Plus Plan? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help get you all set-up!