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Referral Partnership Program


The UpKeep Referral Program provides our partners with a simple, easy and profitable way to refer our CMMS solution to your network. Referral partners receive immediate rewards and benefits for their referrals with a simple “click to agree” agreement that requires no commitment. In turn, we will also be able to direct our customers to your services if a good fit! With thousands of happy customers across a range of industries, it’s easy to promote UpKeep to your network as the #1 CMMS software for ease of use.


UpKeep has made the referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together. Our ultimate goal is to connect with other best-in-class services to expand our network of trusted partners that we in-turn can also recommend to our customers. Unlike most programs that have lengthy and complicated contracts, there are no fees or commitments to partner with UpKeep. At UpKeep it’s simple – you are rewarded for referring leads.


Any business or individual who recognizes the benefits of a mobile-first CMMS! This includes:

  • Service companies for the manufacturing industry
  • Maintenance consultants
  • OEM
  • Industry contractors
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Current UpKeep customers
  • Industry influencers
  • Technology Resellers
  • System integrators


Our referral program is hassle free and totally transparent:

Frequently asked questions

Can I see UpKeep in action?
Absolutely! Take a look at our Professional version of UpKeep here.

Can I see a custom UpKeep demo?
Yes! Please contact us and we’ll arrange to take you through a custom demo at a time that works for you.

What is the process to become an UpKeep partner?
Please see our 8 step infographic above! Sign up easily here!

How long does it take to become referral partner?
Once the agreements are in place, we usually have our partners up and running in a matter of days.

What kind of support can I expect ?
You’ll have direct contact with our team for any questions!

How do payments work?
Once a lead is submitted, someone from our sales team will reach out and walk you through the product. If that lead decides to purchase UpKeep, we will let you know and send you a visa credit card with the amount. You’ll receive an email confirmation within 60 days after the client purchases!

*Notes: Leads submitted may not already be a current lead or opportunity with us.
*Leads cannot be submitted from your existing company as an existing employee with that company .
*Leads must not churn within the first 60 days.