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Equipment management software that’s easy to use

UpKeep is the #1 mobile-first CMMS to manage equipment, machines, and assets.

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Easily manage and maintain any asset type

Machines and Equipment

Molding machines, incinerators, panel benders, pipe benders, grain cleaners, forklifts, you name it. Use UpKeep’s machine and equipment maintenance software to schedule preventive maintenance tasks and track maintenance time, parts costs, and downtime for each asset.


Manage your fleet of garbage trucks, pickup trucks, or tractor trailers. UpKeep lets operators and mechanics log mileage with the “Meters” feature and create maintenance requests from an easy-to-use app. UpKeep also integrates with Titan GPS for real-time vehicle tracking.


For manufacturing companies, the facility is the greatest asset. It’s where all the work gets done. With UpKeep’s asset management software, you can also manage your facility. Create recurring work orders for light checks, floor cleaning, and safety walkthroughs.

Trusted by the best asset managers

To remain a leader in the consumer goods space, Unilever’s factory engineering and maintenance manager switched from spreadsheets to UpKeep’s CMMS to better manage machines, equipment, work orders, technicians, and inventory at 12 manufacturing facilities.

"UpKeep is an easy-to-use app and you can really figure it out all by yourself.”
- Adhokshaj Bellurkar, Site Engineering Manager @ Unilever

These companies manage their assets and equipment with UpKeep: