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Extend asset lifetime by 11%

A CMMS can help your team stay on top of preventative maintenance workflows which lead to extended asset lifespans by up to 11%.

A robust preventative maintenance and reliability program for your assets and equipment will lead to longer equipment lifespans saving your business money.

Extending the lifespan of your assets can greatly reduce costs

Using UpKeep, customers such as Unilever and Rehrig manufacturing have seen their equipment lifespans increase by up to 11%.

Useful life is used to represent how long an asset is likely to be profitable to the business. It is used to calculate an asset’s depreciation while also helping inform maintenance and purchasing decisions. The longer the asset’s useful life, the lower its depreciation rate will be, but also the longer the company will benefit from it.

Increasing the useful life can have large capital impacts on a business, allowing capital to be reinvested into other areas of a business.

Extend your asset lifetime today.

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