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Facility management software that’s easy to use

Manage technicians, assets, and inventory from your office or on the go.

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Increase uptime with recurring work orders

Automate routine maintenance activities to improve operational efficiency of assets in your facility. Create recurring work orders for weekly inspections of critical equipment and anything else.

Increase productivity with live reporting

Easily identify bottlenecks and efficiencies with UpKeep’s live reporting dashboard. See which locations and equipment are hogging resources and which technicians are closing out the most work orders.

Spend more time on strategy

Most of a facility manager’s time is spent on day-to-day operations which can be a drag. UpKeep’s facility management software frees up time for strategic planning and collaboration.

Trusted by the best facility managers

The major e-commerce company Jet.com switched from using spreadsheets to UpKeep’s facility maintenance software. Now the operations manager at its New Jersey facility can easily manage all maintenance operations — from anywhere, at any time.

“UpKeep is an easy-to-use app and you can really figure it out all by yourself.”
- Jonathan Price, Operations Manager, Facilities @ Jet.com

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