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Floor Plans

Optimize Employee Efficiency with Floor Plan Software

Every business wants to grow their profits and become better and better. However, that doesn’t always mean that massive changes need to be made in order to achieve these goals. Sometimes, proposed changes that are bigger or require a lot of work are the very changes that hold companies back. This is particularly true when companies work on optimizing their employee efficiency rates. UpKeep can help you with that. Our expertise stretches out over floor plans for every business, retail, and outdoor space. We can help you from the highest level of floor planning to unique room specifics and everything in between. Let’s take a look.

See floor plans in action on UpKeep

Floor plans for every business

Each business has different needs. Sometimes these are wildly different. However, UpKeep has you covered. Let’s take a look at the different places that UpKeep floor plans have been used and why it works.

Production lines
Production line floor plans are simple to design with UpKeep. Our consolidated visualization system enables you to see your entire space at a glance. This makes the tight points easier to see and the flow of your existing production line clear.
Retail space
Retail space is always at a premium, particularly for smaller, niche stores or boutiques. In many cases, these spaces are focused around particular pieces of inventory. Upkeep’s asset-based map points let you see how your floor plan flows around these displays and how it could be improved.
Outdoor space
Outdoor spaces pose a different set of challenges to companies. They tend to be bigger, are not as clearly defined, and can be frustrating to work within the short and long term. When you use UpKeep, it’s easy to visualize exactly what you have and what the boundaries are of your outdoor space--right from your computer or tablet.
Room specifics
Floor plans are not limited to buildings or facilities. They also map out rooms throughout the area in question. UpKeep lets companies build floor plans that take into account important room specifics. This enables you to get a comprehensive, coherent floor plan that is not limited to a high-level overview.

Optimize your maintenance today.

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Go mobile with UpKeep’s work order app

  • Automatically send mobile push notifications to technicians when a work order is assigned to them.
  • Give operators, cleaners, and anyone else the ability to submit maintenance requests from their smartphone.
  • Have technicians close out work orders onsite, immediately upon completion.
  • Locate work orders that are important to you as quickly as you can from your desktop.

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UpKeep's work order management software for mobile

Easily add and create a floor plan

With UpKeep, you can create a new floor plan in one click. Just press “add floor plan” choose a location, add a name, and you’re set! This is particularly helpful if you want to create detailed floor plans for particular rooms or large warehouse spaces. The sheer simplicity of the process ensures that you can keep your floor plans up to date and organized.

Manage floor plans, from one place

You can manage all your floor plans from within UpKeep’s central interface. This includes floor plans for buildings that may exist in other countries that are half-way around the globe. When companies can have this data at their fingertips, it lets businesses change and pivot to meet the actual needs of your company, whatever those may be.

Assign custom map points

One of the drawbacks of other floor plan software is that it can be rigid, making companies conform to it instead of the other way around. With UpKeep, you can create and assign custom map points for whatever location you need. And it isn’t limited to custom map points. If you prefer, you can create map points around assets instead--all within one central system.

Manage it all on mobile

Finally, it’s easy to manage all of this from your phone! The UpKeep mobile app enables you to access your central database from any mobile device.

Floor plans are helping customers everywhere

Our customers have found UpKeep’s preventive maintenance software to revolutionize their businesses. With its numerous features and ease of use, we’ve helped numerous managers get on top of their PMs and improve reliability in their businesses through using floor plans.

Everlast Roofing, Inc.
“What I liked most about this software would first be the accessibility I have to using it out on my floor with a cell phone or any device that has internet access, keeps me from having to run back and forth or from having to remember everything.”
- Nathanael
Rehrig Pacific Co.
“Team has really adopted it from the old pen and paper corrective action forms, and allows other technicians to show and share issues on the floor. The mobile device features work best for my team while throughout the plant.”
- Garrett
Horizon North
“We love how UpKeep lets us upload floor plans and select exactly where the equipment is located”
- Levi, Construction Manager

For Property Managers

  • Assign work orders to specific buildings, floors, apartments, and rooms
  • Give tenants the ability to submit maintenance requests

For Facility Managers

  • Assign work orders to specific locations and equipment within a facility
  • Generate public links to share with outside contractors

For Asset Managers

  • Assign work orders to machines, vehicles, and other asset types
  • Download a list of all work orders completed on any asset

Floor plans are included with Business Plus+ plans

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