How Modernized Maintenance Ops at Its Fulfillment Centers

In 2016, Walmart bought the ecommerce and fulfillment company for $3.3 billion. This acquisition was part of Walmart’s strategy to compete with Amazon, the largest online marketplace. To make prices lower than Amazon’s and ship faster, had to cut costs and increase productivity anywhere it could.

One way made optimizations was by improving operations at its fulfilment centers. Its facility operations manager, Jonathan Price, did this by implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). switched from spreadsheets to software.

After reviewing different CMMS options, Jonathan chose UpKeep. This let him create work orders, assign them to technicians, and add parts costs to them in under a minute.

Jonathan could also track equipment downtime and view reports to see which assets were causing the most problems.

The mobile app made facility-wide adoption easy.

Shortly after UpKeep was populated with the facility’s locations, assets, parts, and team members (admins, techs, operators/requesters), started using the app for work order management.

Because of UpKeep’s simple smartphone application, it was easy for operators and technicians on the floor to start using the new system. Operators could easily request repairs and technicians could easily view details and complete work orders on the spot with their mobile device.

Jonathan also uses UpKeep to manage maintenance costs by adding parts and labor hours to work orders. This helps him ensure work is getting done in a cost-effective manner and determine whether it would be cheaper to use an outside contractor.

When working in such a competitive landscape, cutting costs and optimizing operations is vital and, for, UpKeep’s CMMS makes this easier.

“UpKeep is an easy-to-use app and you can really figure it out all by yourself.”

– Jonathan Price, Operations Manager, Facilities @
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