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Improve field maintenance productivity and achieve a 652% ROI

Maintenance and operations teams that use a mobile CMMS experience up to a 652% return on investment through better communication and consistency.

Especially in today’s mobile world, it’s easier than ever to keep maintenance teams connected to improve productivitiy and efficiency.

How to improve field maintenance productivity

A mobile CMMS is proven to reduce double entry, improve communication, and prevent rework. Because of this, UpKeep's customers have seen a 652% return on investment (ROI) for the cost of the program.

With UpKeep's mobile CMMS, customers have seen immediate improvements in collaboration and communication. Maintenance teams are able to receive real-time notifications when requests or work orders are updated and can respond to urgent issues with ease.

Analysts have shown that there is a 22% increase in productivity when a mobile device is used in the field. Recording videos and taking pictures with a mobile device enable your field maintenance team to get better insight into issues to spot and fix them faster.

Improve your field maintenance productivity today.

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