UpKeep is now partnering with Augury! 

We’re proud to announce that UpKeep is partnering with Augury! By integrating UpKeep’s world-class maintenance management software with Augury’s accurate IoT sensors, companies can move on from calendar-based maintenance and can begin to embrace predictive maintenance. 

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a type of condition-based maintenance that monitors the condition of assets using sensors. Maintenance plans are formed around real-time machine data, as opposed to generalized guidelines in the case of preventative maintenance.

Predictive maintenance programs save companies 8-12% more than preventative maintenance programs, according to a paper by the US Department of Energy. In general, implementing predictive maintenance reduces downtime by 35 to 45%. 

UpKeep’s integration with Augury allows your company to achieve these cost reductions and savings.

How This Partnership Will Improve Your Maintenance Workflow

Work orders can now be automated whenever Augury’s sensor readings go beyond pre-defined thresholds. 

Let’s walk through a scenario.

  1. Your company installs Augury’s IoT sensors to monitor your assets. 
  2. These sensors send data to UpKeep Edge, so that you can monitor your assets in real time.
  3. You then create triggers & workflows in UpKeep that will automatically assign work orders based on sensor data. 
  4. Test the integration. If successful, you’re set up for predictive maintenance!

Now, whenever a sensor reading goes beyond the threshold defined in your trigger, a work order is automatically assigned. 


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