Have you ever flown on a plane recently? Chances are, Kevin and the whole team at Consolidated Precision Products produced castings and components that go on that aircraft! 

Kevin’s First Step into Aerospace

Kevin studied aerospace engineering in college, and always thought that he would end up being an engineer working eight hours a day, designing parts and running tests. In fact, this is the path he followed with his first internship where he had the opportunity to join Mooney Aircraft and work on their new flagship single-piston aircraft.

A Different Trajectory

Although he enjoyed his time there, Kevin wanted something more hands-on and team-focused. So, he decided to take on a new position as a process engineer at a manufacturing facility near his university. Kevin shared,

“Back in college when I was a process engineering intern, I was able to complete a project where I programmed a machine to automate a heavily manual process. The process involved operators manually inspecting tiny holes on a circuit board with a microscope, which caused a lot of eye strain and fatigue. Through automation, we were able to reduce the processing time by six times, while increasing the quality of the inspections. I presented this project at the end of my internship in front of multiple executives that had flown in from different facilities around the country who were impressed with the results. Although little projects like this became the norm as I continued working in the industry, this experience is one that stands out as it launched me into the manufacturing industry. I am forever grateful for the kind words and encouragement from this group as it gave me the confidence and support system to be where I am today.”

It was in this position as a process engineer where the trajectory of his career changed and he truly fell in love with manufacturing as well as operations! Since then, he has explored different sides of aerospace manufacturing, including printed circuit boards, forgings, and investment casting/foundries.

Managing Parts and People

Now as the Operations Manager, Kevin gets to use all of his passions at work. He can use his engineering technical skills to conduct tests and confidently understand the science behind the processes his company gets to do. For example, the foundry is one of the departments Kevin is in charge of, and this is where superalloys are melted down and poured into a mold to produce castings.

Not only that, but he also gets to manage the financial aspects of his department, from employee pay to the supplies they use daily. Most importantly though, as a manager, Kevin finds so much joy in being able to cultivate a genuine team environment across departments by building his team members up and giving them the necessary tools to succeed.

Keeping Safety at the Forefront

“We should never put numbers or performance above safety, and I believe that intentional maintenance teams are the backbone of an organization.”

Maintenance is critical to Kevin because he needs healthy and productive machines. He can have the perfect manpower model and the best team in place, but be negatively impacted by a furnace that gradually decreases in performance and productivity. Consistent monitoring and maintenance work allows his team to create a working environment that is safe and protected!