When most of his colleagues decided to enter the field of environmental studies, Stanley decided to step foot into facilities work. From then to now, Stanley accumulated 42 years of experience in facilities management. 

For the majority of his career, Stanley has been sharing his expertise in the healthcare industry, specifically in hospitals. He has led facilities that were more than a million square foot, and was responsible for teams as big as 28 maintenance workers. He shared,

“I don’t think I will ever retire because I love what I do.”

Currently, Stanley is the Director of Facilities at Eminent Medical Center.

Fixing Processes and Helping People

Stanley loves what he does because, simply put, he loves fixing processes more than anything. If he sees a process that needs to be adjusted, he strives to create an effective plan that can make it better.

Not only does he love to work on processes, but he loves to teach people. He shared with us,

“I used to teach a lot of people safety. I would always ask them, ‘What keeps you safe when you aren’t thinking about what you’re doing?’ Usually, they don’t know what to say. So, I would tell them, ‘It’s habits. If you create good habits, you will create good results.’ Even in just everyday life, I want to help people create good habits so that they can have good results.”

Supporting a Community in Dire Need of a Bigger Hospital

One of Stanley’s greatest accomplishments in his 42 years of working in this industry has been a multi-million dollar expansion project at a hospital located in Oklahoma.

This hospital was the only one in the area that had a certified geriatric department. There were many patients who needed specialized surgeries, but could not be operated on due to a lack of available operating rooms. As a result, the waiting list to receive surgery was growing exponentially.

Stanley was asked to help solve this problem by building an additional four stories to the hospital. With an incredible team, Stanley not only completed this project significantly under budget, but the entire process went without any hitches. He shared,

“The maintenance and facilities team greatly supported this expansion. They had to communicate constantly with the construction team and hospital staff on when to shut things down. Everyone really had to work together so that the operations of the hospital were unaffected by this expansion. It was crucial. But, we made it work.”