Carlsbad, Calfornia

Peter Rodriguez wants to give you a vacation. Not just any vacation, though, a beautiful, beachfront, incredibly well maintained vacation. 

Peter was born and raised in San Diego. After high school, he went to a local college, then worked at a social services agency and a construction company. Finally, Peter landed at Beachfront Only – actually returning to the company having previously worked there in high school. He’s a local member of the community and ensure that his company operates as such. Peter and his wife now have three children together; and between an all hours work schedule and his family, Peter is pretty much booked.

The vacation rentals he maintains, on the other hand, are not! Peter leads the Maintenance and Operations team for Beachfront Only. His department is the only one to touch every part of the company and its functions – Housekeeping, Construction, Long-term Property Management, and Sales all rely on Peter for logistical and operational support.

Peter Rodriguez, thank you for all you do. You’re a vacation rentals rockstar and your family, your team, and your company can all depend on you.

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Peter and his wife.

How did you get started in maintenance?

My grandfather was a contractor for Beachfront Only and brought me in to work with him while I was in high school. Since the first time I worked for this company, it has grown so much. It used to be just a single office in a guest house and now, it’s a full-size warehouse. It has been an exciting ride, and the fun never stops. Every day is very much a new challenge and the ever-changing world of vacation rentals will make sure that never changes.

What’s one of your proudest achievements?

I’m proud of one of our recent projects in building our own vacation rentals. Building these rentals from the ground up is one of the hallmarks of Beachfront Only and I’m happy to have been a part of it.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your job?

Our posted hours are 8am-8pm, but Maintenance and Operations is the sole department at Beachfront Only that runs 24 hours a day. We respond to everything from broken towel bars in the afternoon to dryer fires at 2 a.m.

Thank you, Peter!